Arudy Hi-vis trousers with ARC protection, 320g

Thanks to the double-stitched reflective FR strips you can go everywhere anytime with these Arudy hi-vis trousers. These comfortable and practical trousers with five pockets are made from a light, inherently flame-retardant, breathable and supple fabric with moisture-regulating properties, harmless to the skin. Arudy is shrink and pilling resistant even after frequent washing. These trousers have arc protection, are anti-static and offer excellent protection against heat and metal splashes. They are reinforced with sturdy seams for increased durability and wear resistance.

Features & design
Closure by 1 hidden button / Front fly with zip closure
2 inset pockets with flap
1 patched thigh pocket with flap closed by hidden press studs
1 back pocket with flap closed by concealed press studs
1 ruler pocket with flap closed by concealed press studs
Elasticated waist
Knee pockets
Waistband with loops for belt
Double stiched (2x2) flame retardant reflective striping (70mm)

Identification label

Sio-Safe™ Extra: 31% polyester + 28% modacrylic + 20% aramid + 20% viscose FR + 1% AST; ± 320 g/m²

European Standards
IEC 61482-2 : 2009 class 1 - ATPV 8.8 cal/cm²
EN ISO 11612 : 2015 / A1 B1 C1 E1 F1
EN ISO 11611 : 2015 / Class 1 - A1
EN 1149-5 : 2008
EN 13034 : 2005 + A1 : 2009 Type PB [6]
EN ISO 20471 : 2013 +A1 2016 / Class 2
EN ISO 13688 : 2013
Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (1708040/Centexbel)

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SIOEN Apparel
SIOEN Apparel

Sioen produces technical apparel for many different markets where people work in circumstances where safety, comfort and protection are major issues. Professional protective clothing — all weather, high visibility, multi norm, food and cold storage 1. SIP Protection — Forestry clothing. 2. Sioen Firefighter clothing. 3. Mullion — Floatation suits and life jackets. 4. Ursuit — Professional drysuits & diving suits. 5. Sioen Ballistics — Stab, slash and bullet proof garments. 6. Baleno — Outdoor leisure wear, hunting and fishing garments.

EN ISO 20471 Hi-Vis Class 2
EN ISO 20471 is divided into three classes, the requirement for the area consisting of reflectors and fluorescent materials – that determines which class you need to choose. Minimum areas of visible material in m². Class 3: Reflective Tape = 0.20m², Fluorescent material = 0.80m². Class 2: Reflective Tape = 0.13m², Fluorescent material = 0.50m². Class 1: Reflective Tape = 0.10m², Fluorescent material = 0.14m². The highest class is class 3. There are two ways to attain class 3. Either choose an EN ISO 20471 product that is rated class 3 on its own (e.g. a jacket) or choose two products that together are class 3 certified.
EN ISO 11612 Heat & Flame
This test uses standard methods and conditions to predict the performance of fabric/garments in the event of contact with heat or flames. Specific testing is listed below: Dimensional change, Limited flame spread (A1+A2), Convective heat (B) - 3 levels, Radiant heat (C) - 4 levels, Molten aluminium splash (D) – 3 levels, Molten iron splash (E) – 3 levels, Contact heat (F) – 3 levels (temperature 250 degrees Celsius)
EN ISO 11611 Welding & Allied
Standard specifies two classes with specific performance requirements. Class 1: is protection against less hazardous welding techniques and situations causing lower levels of spatter and radiant heat. Class 2: is protection against more hazardous welding techniques and situations causing higher levels of spatter and radiant heat.
IEC 61482-2 Protective Clothing Thermal Arc Hazards
Standard for protective clothing against the thermal effects of an electric arc event. Two different test methods: Open Arc IEC 61482-1-1 and Box test EN 61482-1-2. OPEN ARC - IEC 61842-1-1 (USA). The first result, ELIM - The maximum incident energy (cal/cm²) the garment can withstand before the wearer would have a 0% probability of a second degree burn. The second result is either: ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value, cal/cm²) The maximum incident energy the garment can withstand before the wearer would have 50% probability of a second degree burn or EBT (Energy Break Open Threshold, cal/cm²) The incident energy at which a 50% probability of a breakopen occurs resulting in a second degree burn. Since ELIM indicates an energy value at 0% probability of a second degree burn and ATPV/EBT at 50% probability, the ELIM value is usually lower than ATPV/EBT. Large differences between the ELIM and ATPV/EBT results highlight the importance of wearing several layers of garments to ensure you are properly protected. EN 61482-1-2 (Europe) is evaluated in two classes in the same test: APC1 protects against electric arc of 4kA (arc energy 168 kJ), APC2 protects against electric arc of 7kA (arc energy 320 kJ). Unlike the American standard, there is not a result scale in this garment tests, only two levels where the garment either passes or fails. A garment with one layer of Flame Retardant fabric usually passes APC 1 - even thin shirt fabrics. To pass APC 2, a system with two or three fabric layers or a lined garment is normally required. This makes it more difficult to adapt the protection to the risk, without compromising on comfort. As APC 1 is a relatively low level of protection, we always recommend a basic protection of at least 8 cal/cm².
Inherent FR Garments
Inherent fabric guarantees lifelong protection for the wearer. The FR properties lie in the molecular structure of the fibres and cannot be washed or worn out. PROS: excellent heat and ARC protection, excellent colour fastness even after numerous washings hence good cost in use performance, typically lighter weight solutions with excellent comfort levels, typically used in less dirty environments where the corporate look is also important. CONS: limited protection against molten metal splash, typically a more expensive fabric than FR treated. The most common FR fibers used in protective clothing are modacrylics and aramids

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EU/Int Trouser Sizes 44/S or 46/M or 48/M or 50/L or 52/L or 54/XL or 56/XL or 58/XXL or 60/XXL or 62/3XL or 64/3XL
Color FC1 Orange
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