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Rruga Gryka e Kaçanikut Ndertesa ZDS, kati 3 Autostrada Tirana-Durres km 5
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EXTRABIS is a reputable leader in the market offering quality, comfortable, attractive and modern CE certified products at very competitive price. All our products are imported from leading European and USA manufacturers. It is the first industrial supplier offering EN certified safety products by the European Testing Houses. 

We are present in Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece and Ireland to serve European market.

Not too long ago in this South East Europe Region “Complying and Applying Health and Safety Products and Procedures in Workplace” was perceived as a luxury or an expensive and unjustified burden to businesses. Now, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of Complying and Applying Health and Safety Products and Procedures in Workplace which go beyond eliminating accidents and protecting the workforce, helping the workforce increase productivity, quality, reliability and creativity in the service and products they offer.

EXTRABIS is the One-Stop Shop to provide you with the protection and safety needs for all hazards, incidents and risks in the industry.