B01200 ISOTEC Flame Boot S5 CI HRO FO SRC F3A, Class 3

A heat & flame resistant safety boot conforming to the EN 15090 HI3 F3A fire boot standard for flame resistance, radiant heat (20kW/m2) and heat insulation of the sole (250°C for 40 minutes). These boots are designed for use in areas where there is a risk of sparks from welding or grinding or for close proximity fire fighting.

Chemically resistant boot certified to EN 13832-3:2018 (footwear protecting against chemicals)
Conforms to EN 15090:2012 F3A Fire fighter boot standard
Heat insulation of the sole EN 15090:2012 (HI3): The sole withstands 40 minutes at 250°C with an increase in internal temperature of less than 21°C after 10 minutes
Integral 200 Joule epoxy coated steel toecap and stainless steel penetration resistant mid-sole
Heat resistant sole EN 20345:2011 HRO, 60 seconds at 300°C
Cold insulation to EN ISO 20345:2011 CI
Optional thermal liner
Fuel and oil resistant sole
Vulcanized rubber sole for improved slip resistance - 30% better than a conventional safety boot sole
Durable, cut-resistant vulcanised rubber sole, significantly extends working life, even in harsh terrain
Cleated outsole for maximum grip in wet and oily conditions (SRC)
Energy absorbing tunnel system in heel to EN 20345:2011 E
Certified to the Marine Equipment Directive
Ergonomic cushioned insole (removable & machine washable) for greater wearer comfort
Seamless construction
Kick-off lug
Adjustable height
Knitted nylon lining
CE marked on the shaft with date and year of manufacture
REACH Compliant
Machine washable at up to 40°C
Shelf life of over 10 years

EN 13832-3:2018 K,N,Q

PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

EN ISO 20345:2011 - S5 CI HRO FO SRC

EN 15090:2012 Type F3A

2014/90/EU - MED/3.4 - Fire-Fighter’s Outfit: Boots

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Respirex™ International are a leading supplier of personal protective solutions, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance chemical, particulate and respiratory protective clothing and protective footwear. Including our industry leading chemical protective footwear and our world class dielectric boots and overboots..

EN 20345 - S5
Closed heel, Cleated sole, Toe Cap (Shock resistant to 200J), (P) Penetration Resistant Midsole (≥ 1100 N), (E) Heel Energy absorption (≥ 20 Joule), (FO) resistance to hydrocarbons, (A) Anti-Static (between 1x10 5 Ω and 1x10 9 Ω), (WR) Waterproof
EN 20345 SRC - Slip Resistant
Slip Resistance Outsole Tested on ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate (a diluted soap solution) & Tested on steel with glycerol
EN 20345 CI - Insulation against cold
For resistance against cold, EN ISO 20345 footwear is tested for 30 minutes at 1-20°C
EN 20345 HRO - Heat resistant outsole
Heat-resistant footwear features an outsole which must be able to resist 300°C for 60 seconds. can be used in close proximity to hot surfaces such as freshly laid tarmac.
EN 13832-3
This is the European safety standard for chemical protective footwear and is divided into three parts. Part 1 deals with terminology and test methods, Part 2 with requirements for limited contact with chemicals and Part 3 with requirements for prolonged contact with chemicals. For certification to EN 13832 Part 3, boots are tested for chemical degradation over a period of 23 hours against a minimum of three chemicals from a list of 15 designated challenge chemicals contained in Part 1. Part 2 is only intended for limited contact with chemicals and is not recommended for people working with, or in proximity to, dangerous or aggressive chemicals.
EN 15090:2012
Footwear for firefighters. Three types of footwear for use by firefighters for general purpose rescue (F1), fire rescue (F2), hazardous materials emergencies (F3). Type 1 (F1): Forestry fire intervention: Toe cap & Perforation resistant plate (P) is optional, Can be class I and Class II (rubber or polymers). Chemical resistance is optional, can comply only if the boot is class II (polymeric materials) Heat resistance at least HI1. Type 2 (F2): Structural fire intervention: Toe cap protection & Perforation resistant plate. Can be class I and Class II. Chemical resistance is optional, can comply only if the boot is class II (polymeric materials). Heat resistance at least HI2 Type 3 (F3): Structural fire intervention with chemical risk: Toe cap protection & Perforation resistant plate. Chemical resistance Can be only Class II (polymeric materials). Heat resistance at least HI2. The fire intervention safety boots can have optionally: CI (outsoles with Cold Insulation). M (Metatarsal protection only if toe cap protection is present). AN (Ankle Protection). CR (Cut Resistance).

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