410 Hand Held Welding shield

The Climax 410 hand-held welding shield has been designed to provide effective protection against the radiation emitted during welding processes, as well as against incandescent particles released during such processes. The welding shield is also recommended for protection against the impact of low-energy, highvelocity particles. Due to its design and dimensions, the shield covers the entire face and neck. The lightweight design, ergonomic handle and optical quality of the glass allow the wearer to work comfortably and without inconvenience.

The body is made of black injection-moulded polyamide with fibreglass and has a flat, rectangular front with two sides and a flat upper surface, that forms an angle of approximately 60° with the front.
The handle system consists of a closed handle joined to the inner face of the front by means of a guide system with anchoring stops. The entire system is made of plastic.

The lens holder is fixed, consisting of a ledge in the form of a rectangular window at the front (used to hold the lens) and a rectangular frame fitted from the back and used to hold the lenses.
The frame is secured by means of two metal bolts.
The lens assembly is composed of a cover lens, a filter lens and a backing lens.
All lenses measure 110 x 55 mm and are CE-certified.
The shield is manufactured with a standard filter lens of shade 12, although a wide range of other filter shades are also available

Material: Polyamide and Fiberglass
Welding glass measurements:
105 x 50 mm
110 x 55 mm
Shades: 9 – 14

EN 169 CE
EN 175 CE

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    Productos Climax is one of the main PPE manufacturers with 100% Made in Spain. The experience and the “know-how” acquired since Productos Climax was born in 1984, have permitted us to offer a product adapted to our customers needs in one hand , and to face the constant complexities of national and international markets. Under the slogan “we work for your safety”.

    EN 166 Eye Protection
    Protection of the eye from mechanical hazards likely to damage the eye and quality of optical lens, also include Optional protection from Chemical (liquids and dust), Electrical Arc, Thermal (Molten metal splashes and hot solids projections) risks. Lens treatments (Optional): K (AS): Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (anti-scratch treatment), N (AF): Resistance to fogging of oculars (anti-fog treatment)
    EN 169 Filters for Welding
    Specifications of level numbers and requirements relating to the transmittance of filters to protect operators for welding and related techniques. Specification of requirements for welding filters with double dial number of levels.
    EN 175 Welding Eyes and Face Protectors
    Specifications for the safety requirements for eye and face protection equipment used to protect the operator’s eyes and face against harmful optical radiation and other specific risks or hazards in usual welding, cutting or similar operations.

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