1400 Fresh Air Respirator DUCT ECO

DUCT is a range of Isolating Fresh Air Respirators with full facemask designed to be used in oxygen deficient environments and narrow spaces such as tanks, silo, wells, sewer systems, etc., all restricted spaces where the air ventilation can suddenly change modifying the concentration of the toxics present in the atmosphere.
DUCT is to be used to access confined spaces.

Corrugated hose
The corrugated hoses used for the entire range of SPASCIANI products are made with a new technology which reaches the highest quality level available. The corrugated hose for the DUCT is moulded with a special additive that makes it flame resistant. This technology allows shorter connections and as a consequence to get a more handy and manageable product.

DUCT is available in two versions:
• DUCT ECO, unassisted fresh air respirator, it uses for breathing the lung power only.
• DUCT ECO A, assisted fresh air respirator, the respiration is facilitated by an electric fan. It can be used by two operators simultaneously.

The operating principle is the same for both versions: the operator breathe air coming from outside the polluted area through a
corrugated hose.

DUCT is a device of extremely simple use, easy and intuitive, ideal for unskilled workers and requires a basic training only.
The hose, in position over the shoulders, grants easy movements. Its reduced weight and the case with handles make the set easily
transportable. DUCT requires low level of maintenance operations.

DUCT ECO (unassisted) and DUCT A ECO (assisted) are composed by a supporting harness with adjustable waist-belt and shoulder-belt provided with velcro clasp to fix the breathing hose on shoulders allowing the operator to easily move in narrow spaces.
The manifold, placed at the waist-belt, joins the breathing hose and the feeding hose. In the assisted version the manifold comes complete with an overflow valve.

The breathing hose has a standard thread connector to EN 148/1 for the part connecting to the full facemask and a special thread for the connection to the manifold.
The feeding hose comes in 10 m cuts.

For DUCT ECO (unassisted) the maximum length is 20 m while for DUCT A ECO (assisted) the length can be up to 50 m when used by one operator or 20 m when used by two operators simultaneously. A snap-in connector gives the chance to link cuts in order to reach the required length.

For DUCT ECO (unassisted) the end of the feeding hose is fitted with a filter whose purpose is to prevent the accidental penetration of external corpuscles such as dusts, pebbles, etc. While for DUCT A ECO (assisted), the end of the feeding hose is directly connected to an electrical fan. Both the filter and the fan have a fixing peg to hold the end of the hose in position.

All the components comes contained in a stiff plastic box with guarantee seals which makes DUCT easy to store and carry.
A wide range of TR 82 and TR 2002, to be ordered separately, can be chosen as mask.

DUCT ECO (unassisted) can be easily upgraded to a DUCT A ECO (assisted) by means of specific kit including the introduction of the electric fan.

DUCT ECO and DUCT A ECO are Respiratory Protective Devices - Fresh air hose breathing apparatus for use with full face mask meeting the requirements of EN 138:1994 and meeting with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

14000ECO0 FRESH AIR RESPIRATOR DUCT (Un-assisted) ECO (without mask)
14001ECO0 FRESH AIR RESPIRATOR DUCT A (Assisted) ECO (without mask)

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