ACS 952 is an isolating, constant flow, compressed air line respirator provided with hood equipped with frontal protec- tion waistcoat that grants a perfect protection for the brea- thing pathways and the parts of the body more likely to be exposed to the mechanical action of the abrasive blast. It is therefore the ideal personal protection device for sand bla- sting operations.

The presence of the filter silencer EOD55 that reduces the noise to a minimum, the possibility to adjust the flow coming out from the AC 95 regulator and two overflow valves that release the excess air to the ambient, make the use of the

ACS 951 very comfortable and effective. ACS 952 is made of the ACS 952 hood , a corrugated hose type TUR 801, a filter silencer EOD 55 and a flow regulator AC 95. The ACS 952 hood in shock proof material is provided with head harness adjustable from size 55 to 61. In the hood a special duct leads the air to skim over the visor, thus avoiding steaming up. The hood is provided with two exhalation val- ves protected by special caps. The hood is provided with chin strap, adjustable by means of a sliding buckle, which keeps the hood in position in any work situation, of a double visor (external part in glass and internal part in polycarbonate) which avoids grinding of the visor during sandblasting operation.

A waistcoat made of strong fabric, coated with plastic and sewn onto the rubber profile, protects the wearer down to the waist.
The hood is fed by the corrugated hose TUR 801 which draws the air in the breathing zone and that is positioned between the mask and the filter silencer, this last is connected to the flow regulator.

The flow regulator AC 95 is provided with a male quick coupling for the connection to the feeding hose and it delivers to the operator a continuous flow of air that can be regulated by the user acting on the dedicated handle. The flow regulator is equipped with a low flow alarm which activates when the flow falls below 120 l/min and it is mounted on a support belt to enable an easy and comfortable wearing. AC 95 is also provided with a male EN 148/1 screw for the connection of the filter silencer EOD 55.

ACS 952 respirator shall be fed by a compressed air line source delivering air of breathable quality (according to EN 12021) with a pressure between 5 and 6 bar and with a minimum flow for each operator of 250 l/min.

The flow regulator is connected to the air line by a compressed air feeding hose available in different lengths and provided with quick couplings for the connection to the air line outlet and to the flow regulator inlet.
Quick couplings are available in two versions: Eurocoupling (standard), compatible with the most widely used coupling for air line and Spasciani (on demand). Hoses shall be chosen and ordered separately making sure to have ordered the same coupling on the AC 95 and on the hoses.
The respirator is supplied with graduated flow meter for checking the flow.

Flow regulator AC 95: flow can be set between 165 and 230 l/min, alarm for flow below 120 l/min. Available equipped with the standard Eurocoupling quick coupling (P/N 9321000CJ) or the Spasciani male quick coupling (P/N 932100000).

Filter silencer: reduces the noise down to 75 dB
Corrugated hose TUR 801: length 50 cm.
Compressed air feeding hose 8x17: available in different lengths (max 50 m) and with standard Spasciani or
Eurocoupling quick couplings.

Certified as Class 4B device to EN 14594:2005, it complies with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

ACS 952 Hood:
Cap: Rigid shock proof ABS
External visors: Transparent Glass
Internal visors: Clear polycarbonate
Head harness: Polyester
Waistcoat: Polyester fabric coated with TPE
Valves: Natural rubber membrane with polycarbonate coverc
AC 95 flow regulator: Aluminium alloy nickel plated
EOD 55 filter silencer: Made of shockproof polypropylene and filtering material (filtering paper and carbon)
Corrugated hose: Moulded in base mix of antistatic rubber with screwed plastic connections
Compressed air feeding hoses: Non toxic rubber, fitted with safety quick connectors.

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