88169-00 EMPIRE Hdry® Boots S3 WR HRO CI SRC


UPPER: Full Grain-Anilina Leather-Hydro 1,8-2,0 mm
LINING: 3D Air circulation 320 gr.
TOE CAP: CTC- Composite Toe Cap
RESISTANCE TO PERFORATION: Zero(K) Perforation resistant
INSOLE: Dual insulation
STANDARDS: EN ISO 20345:2011 and comply with DGUV 112-191 and ONorm requirements.
Product range: POLAR

Sixton Peak® footwear uses superior quality full grain, nubuck and suede leather with breathability, naturalness and water repellency characteristics beyond the usual standards. Tanning done in Italy ensures a careful manufacturing process for our hides in the use of products that respect the environment and the end user. They are therefore ecological and hypoallergenic.

Thanks to an innovative process of direct lamination of the upper, Sixton Peak® shoes exceed the normal waterproofing and durability standards. The waterproof and breathable membrane perfectly shuts off any potential entry point of the water into the shoe. It leaves no space between the upper and the membrane and does not allow water to penetrate inside the shoe. Therefore, no weight gain for the footwear that dries faster. It uses a hydrophilic type of membrane with very high breathability and sweat dispersion capacity (SATR A TM47:2019 test).
In traditional footwear with a "bootie" system, water can penetrate between the upper and the lining and even if it does not reach the foot, it stagnates, significantly limiting comfort and increasing the weight of the shoe.
In addition, the water condensation increases the feeling of cold and in case of low temperatures it can also freeze. Drying time becomes lengthy and difficult to complete making it difficult to use the shoe for long periods.
HDRY® technology solves these problems. The waterproof membrane is brought into contact with the upper avoiding the risk of water passing, leaving the inner linings intact and the space around the foot dry.

LINIING: 3D Air circulation 320 gr.
Sixton Peak® chooses the best materials. Technologically advanced fibers to ensure the bestBperformance even in the internal parts of the shoe, less visible but more important for the well-being of the foot. These special three-dimensional linings guarantee an unsurpassed breathability index, combined with a high physical resistance.

Insole perfect for winter use and for footwear with protection against cold “CI”. It consists of a highly resistant and absorbing felt piece that keeps the foot dry and warm and of an aluminised film to isolate the foot from the ground.

Toecap made of plastic, incredibly light and resistant to impact of over 200j, very high elastic coefficient, immediately regaining the original shape without entrapping the toes. Perfect thermal isolation. Not detected by metal detector.

MIDSOLE: Zero(K) Perforation resistant
Fabric, non-metallic insert. Puncture resistant more than 1100 N with zero perforation and maximum peak of 2000 N. It guarantees protection over the entire surface of the sole of the foot. Extremely flexible and comfortable.

Sole with anti-wear scaff cap. Outsole in VIBRAM rubber, resistant to 300° C by contact (HRO), to acids and oils. Design with self-cleaning outsole, with SRC Antislip standard.

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OBJECTIVE SAFETY New footwear line designed to protect people working on the snow, on icy or muddy grounds, or on hard grounds. Uppers are simple and hard-wearing. High quality and very hard-wearing leather. Top level of performance for linings, which are natural and highly technological.

EN 20345 - S3
Closed heel, Cleated sole, Toe Cap (Shock resistant to 200J), (P) Penetration Resistant Midsole (≥ 1100 N), (E) Heel Energy absorption (≥ 20 Joule), (FO) resistance to hydrocarbons, (A) Anti-Static (between 1x10 5 Ω and 1x10 9 Ω), (WRU) Water Resistant (> 60 mins - Absorbance < 30%)
EN 20345 SRC - Slip Resistant
Slip Resistance Outsole Tested on ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate (a diluted soap solution) & Tested on steel with glycerol
EN 20345 CI - Insulation against cold
For resistance against cold, EN ISO 20345 footwear is tested for 30 minutes at 1-20°C
EN 20345 HRO - Heat resistant outsole
Heat-resistant footwear features an outsole which must be able to resist 300°C for 60 seconds. can be used in close proximity to hot surfaces such as freshly laid tarmac.
EN 20345 WR - Waterproof
Integrated Waterproof Membrane into Footwear makes it Water Resistant which means it can be worn in outdoor environments exposed to sustained wet weather and not leak. Not to be confused with Water Repellent, which is a classification reached by all S3 Boots

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