B1611 T-MASSIVE 7" Zip Boots S3 WR HRO CI HI SRC

- The Fortrex range is equipped with a semi-rigid structure in the back part that offers maximum STABILITY in the rear foot and impact resistance to the heel area.
- SMELLSTOP 3D hi-tech fabric lining for the best breathability with permanent antibacterial treatment*, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and bad odours.
- Anatomic removable, scented Dry'n Air footbed. The patented technology guarantees air circulation using a system of ducts and holes. Results: high breathability which keeps the foot dry.
- SYSTEM FORTEX Robustness, stabillity and total protection. The Fortrex system provides the “shield effect” in the back of shoe, which absorbs shocks and gives support and snug fit to the heel and ankle area. In addition, the ultrastrong rigid part creates a W-shaped barrier against the risk of perforation from below and from the side, even with nails of 3 mm diameter (new requirement of EN ISO 20345). Moreover, there is a cushoning effect that ensures the energy absorption and comfort.
- The upper is made in a single piece of leather, without seams, using greased leather that is water-repellent, soft but robust.
- Component resistant to PERFORATION and CUT For maximum protection of foot’s lateral part.
- Wide toe cap to protect the tip of the shoe from scratches.
- Metal free toe-cap: lighter SLIMCAP Cap’s thickness reduced, 35% less weight compared to the market standard weight.
- Equipped with a perfect, preshaped protective stripe to avoid the painful pressure on toes.
- “V” ZONE Flexible area to help bending.
- VISCOELASTIC POLYURETHANE MIDSOLE It absorbs shocks and reduces vibrations.
- HRO Rubber TREAD Slip resistance, extreme temperature resistance. Sculpture very suitable for OUTDOOR environments
- New: Ladder Grip To get more grip on the ladder rungs

UPPER Water-resistant greased leather with zip in
the inner side
LINING SMELL STOP anti-odour and anti-bacterial*

EN ISO 20345:2012 S3 HRO CI HI SRC

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COMFORT IS OUR MISSION. At Base Protection, comfort inspires us and is at the core of everything we do. Comfort means designing and manufacturing footwear that reduces fatigue while increasing protection in hazardous situations and improving the lives of those who wear it.

EN 20345 - S3
Closed heel, Cleated sole, Toe Cap (Shock resistant to 200J), (P) Penetration Resistant Midsole (≥ 1100 N), (E) Heel Energy absorption (≥ 20 Joule), (FO) resistance to hydrocarbons, (A) Anti-Static (between 1x10 5 Ω and 1x10 9 Ω), (WRU) Water Resistant (> 60 mins - Absorbance < 30%)
EN 20345 SRC - Slip Resistant
Slip Resistance Outsole Tested on ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate (a diluted soap solution) & Tested on steel with glycerol
EN 20345 HI - Insulation against heat
For resistance against heat, footwear is tested for 30 minutes at 150°C.
EN 20345 CI - Insulation against cold
For resistance against cold, EN ISO 20345 footwear is tested for 30 minutes at 1-20°C
EN 20345 HRO - Heat resistant outsole
Heat-resistant footwear features an outsole which must be able to resist 300°C for 60 seconds. can be used in close proximity to hot surfaces such as freshly laid tarmac.
EN 20345 WR - Waterproof
Integrated Waterproof Membrane into Footwear makes it Water Resistant which means it can be worn in outdoor environments exposed to sustained wet weather and not leak. Not to be confused with Water Repellent, which is a classification reached by all S3 Boots

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